Who watches the Watchmen (in cineSync)?


Journalist Ian Failes recently talked to Outpost VFX‘s Nick Hurst and Megan Smith about how they managed communication on one of their recent productions – HBO’s Watchmen.

From the article:

Several VFX studios worked on Watchmen, which meant that it was crucial for Outpost to have a good line of communication with production throughout the process.

“Having the opportunity to work with Erik Henry was a real pleasure for our team at Outpost VFX,” attests Outpost producer Megan Smith. “Having Nick on set meant we had a clear understanding of Erik’s vision for each episode, which was hugely beneficial when it comes to working on a sequence like the Cattle Battle. We’d have regular cineSync reviews from the get-go to ensure there was constant communication between us and the clients, a crucial way of working when feeding information back to our artists.”

Adds Nick Hurst: “We knew the sequence would be pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in a series in terms of visual quality but also the visual effects would be needed to play a vital role to help push the narrative and add jeopardy to the first episode in the Watchmen series.”

The rest of the article, which breaks down a sequence Outpost created for the show, can be found at VFX Voice