Rising Sun Pictures celebrates its 25th anniversary

Animation Magazine spoke to the studio to learn about its enduring success in the industry.

Rising Sun Pictures just hit a big milestone – 25 years of making movie magic! Animation Magazine recently spoke to Tony Clark, co-founder and Managing Director – along with many others from the studio – to learn about its enduring success in the industry.

From the article:

“To efficiently review media with studios, RSP assisted in the development of cineSync, an early remote collaboration technology. (Tony Clark was part of the group that was awarded an AMPAS Scientific and Technical Achievement Award for cineSync in 2010). RSP was also an early adopter of high-speed file transfer and data security technologies. That experience has proved advantageous during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

“We were able to quickly get people working from home with appropriate solutions for data management and security,” says VFX Bidding Producer Ian Cope. “Our studio clients are impressed with how far ahead we are. We have a robust infrastructure to support remote work and are very mindful of security.”

The rest of the article, which explores many facets of RSP and the work the studio has produced, can be found at Animation Magazine.