Clip Up Film

5 minutes with Clip Up's Konstantin Knoll


Germany’s Clip Up Film are specialists in installations and interactive content, creating all manner of engaging, in-person animation extravaganzas for events such as the Grand Prix Red Bull Ring Spielberg 2015 (pictured above) and the Panorama Fair Berlin 2016, and augmented reality apps for the likes of Deutsche Bank and Henkel.

Clip Up are stalwart advocates of the flexible business model, with a talent pool that scales in manpower to meet the requirements of any given project. And of course, communication with that artist base requires a quick and easy solution – namely, Frankie.

We talked to producer Konstantin Knoll to learn how Clip Up communicates within their vast pool of VFX talent, from directors to DOPs and super-creative post-production artists.



Can you tell me a little about the background of clip up Film – when was it set up? What are its strengths and specialties?

Clip Up is a full-service film and media production company based in Stuttgart, Germany. It was founded in 2000, and over the last 17 years, we’ve adapted to the ever-changing requirements of the market. We’re a reliable resource for companies such as Henkel, Mercedes Benz and Deutsche Bank, to name a few.



Our personal goal is to deliver outstanding quality with our in-house competence and selected working partners. From shooting movies, to postproduction, or augmented and virtual reality, we cover the whole spectrum and achieve high cost efficiency for our customers.


Which features of Frankie do you find the most useful in your operations?

For us, Frankie’s most useful features are the comment and feedback sections. Everyone involved in a project – client, agency, artists and producer – are all able to see the progress and leave feedback without delay. Frankie complements the classic instruments of communication, like emails or phone calls, and has lots of handy integrations.



What do you think is most impressive achievement you’ve had using Frankie?

As a producer, we are able to work on projects with out-of-house artists, editors, creative directors and more. Our communication takes place almost exclusively using Frankie’s collaboration tools. Our partners have the freedom to work on the project whenever it fits into their time schedule.


How long have you been using Frankie?

Since the beginning of 2016 we have used Frankie on about 15-20 different projects with varying shot tallies. We have also introduced it to many of our clients, both recent and long term, who are also satisfied with its simplified approach to communication. Frankie really helps us establish a good working relationship with many of these clients.

We try the use Frankie for every single one of our projects – and we plan on keep doing so.



How does Frankie help to solidify the creative collaboration between clip up Film and the directors of films/other projects you work with?

Not only does Frankie simplify communication between the producer and client, but also between the producer and out-of-house artists. Artists can access a project from their own office, simply by clicking a link. They can work on it directly with the client, agency or producer, with feedback available right on screen. Our freelance artists don’t need to come by the office, or waste time with lengthy phone calls, but can organize their time on the project independently.


Can you think of any particular shots, visuals or sequences that Frankie helps to improve via its remote collaboration tools?

For a recent commercial, we worked together with a director who lives abroad and was pregnant at the time. Thanks to Frankie’s remote collaboration tools, she was able to regularly check in on the project and leave feedback for our team, all from the comfort of her own home – and at any time – without the need to come by the office.

All the parties involved, from client to agency, to production company and to artists, can independently work on the project, anytime and anyplace. Appointments with clients or agencies are easily coordinated – or are eliminated completely. Problems like making costly, well-timed phone calls to a different time zone are redundant. Global obstacles are reduced to a bare minimum. That’s a pretty compelling package for any creative agency!



Would you recommend Frankie to other studios? What issues would you tell them it would solve?

We would definitely recommend Frankie to other studios and production companies. The main reason being the ease of the online feedback channels it provides. Communication for all parties involved is simplified and speedy. Everyone can easily check in on progress and is up to date in mere moments. Possible misunderstandings can be completely eliminated before they even come up. It’s vital, really.