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Germany’s Trixter completed around 340 shots on Captain America: Civil War, utilising artists from up to 18 countries, while co-ordinating with US-based VFX Supervisor Dan Deleeuw and directors Anthony and Joe Russo.

In recent interview with Art of VFX, Trixter’s VFX Supervisor Alessandro Cioffi talked about how the collaboration worked and how cineSync helped.

From the interview:

What was your feeling to work again with the Russo Brothers and VFX Supervisor Dan Deleeuw?

Great excitement. Like last time on the WINTER SOLDIER, we didn’t know much about the rest of the movie, other than the sequences we were working on. Going to the theatre to see the final result just confirmed our impression of having been part of something big. This time the Brothers brought something even cooler on screen, in my opinion, for all of us to be proud of.

This new Captain America have a bigger scale. Does that change their approach about the VFX?

I don’t think so. They’re more than familiar with big scale effects and their confidence reflects well on screen. I think the main difference might have been the large amount of characters, each of those requiring much care and work, in all aspects.



Can you describe to us one of your typical day during the pre-prod, on-set and then on post?

We didn’t do pre-prod this time however I can tell you about the long days spent on set at the ICC in Berlin shooting the long chase sequence, back in August. Simone Kraus and I were kindly invited by Jen Underdahl to assist Dan Deleeuw and Swen Gillberg in the act of supervising the VFX for the sequences we were awarded.


I like to use the term “witness”, as it was a great experience to support them on such a huge set.
As you’ve seen from the movie the sequence is very dynamic, and so we had to be: hundreds of kms walked up and down the “Tunnel” following the action, so to speak! In the steaming August heat!

Back in the studio in Munich, my life is way more sedentary: just a couple dozen stair trips up and down, daily, to follow my review routine after our daily production meeting: assets first, animation and environment then lighting and compositing at the end of the day. In the evening we usually met with the client via conference call and cineSync. The day normally closes with a team recap of the day, often over a beer.

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