cineSync 4.1.5 released

File Sequence Playback and more!

We’ve been closely listening to your feedback around cineSync and developing some exciting features in response. cineSync 4.1.5 is the result!

cineSync 4.1.5  features a host of UX and functionality improvements, particularly around our integrations with production tracking solutions ftrack and Shotgun.

But our biggest update comes in the form of File Sequence Playback. In cineSync 4.1.5 (and later), multiple clips can be played back as a single continuous File Sequence.

Creating a File Sequence will create an additional “movie” in your Playlist, which contains the selected files in a single timeline, allowing you to play through continuously and view quick context cuts. Handles can be set across the Playlist, or on a per-file basis, to allow the automated removal of slates and other unnecessary frames. File Sequences can be re-ordered or extended at any time, and any notes applied to shots in the sequence can still be exported back to Shotgun, ftrack, and more against the correct shot version.

cineSync 4.1.5 is available today! You can start enjoying the improvements, listed below, right now. Download it here.

Want to see cineSync 4.1.5 in action? We’re heading to SIGGRAPH 2018 and showing off the latest release at Wacom booth #1023 and ftrack booth #1117. Be sure to drop by and check out a live demo of the software

What’s New?

  • Added ability to create file sequences, with or without handles
  • Added ability to suppress new version message on startup
  • Dropped support for macOS 10.8 and 10.9
  • Added better support for Windows Surface

What’s changed?

  • Fixed issues downloading and uploading files from Shotgun or ftrack, larger than 2GB
  • Fixed issue if a download of a Shotgun or ftrack timed url fails to start before url times out
  • Fixed issues playing frame sequences that contain frames containing an alpha channel
  • The add/edit note button will remain active at all times to allow easy switching to the latest note
  • Shotgun notes will now be linked to the version and any other Shotgun entity that is linked to that version
  • Fixed focus issue in the notes panel
  • Fixed sound sync issue with some files on OSX
  • Re-enabled drawing whilst video is playing
  • Various bug fixes and optimisations