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cineSync, cineSync Pro and cineSync Pro Studio all use the same client. The full set of Pro or Pro Studio features are available to those with an appropriate account. Guests who download cineSync will be able to join all cineSync sessions.

Latest release: cineSync 4.1.4

Download Version 4.1.4 for
Linux 64 Download
Windows Download
macOS Download

What’s New?

  • Added ability to filter ftrack and shotgun versions based on either name or status
  • Added icon to the notes interface to indicate the notes for the currrent frame and movie
  • On windows added ability to right click on the background to copy the session key
  • Added ability to set the version status from the shotgun and ftrack publish notes page
  • Added ability to apply a pixel aspect ratio across a whole playlist
  • Added ability to toggle pixel aspect ratios on and off
  • Improved the search facility within the playlist
  • Updated SafeStream integration to v2.0 of their API
  • On linux removed the dependancy on libQuicktime in favour of a bundled FFmpeg playback system
  • Added “me” string to indicate who is the current user in the buddy list

What’s changed?

  • Fixed connectiuon issues whilst using a proxy server
  • Fixed issues playing very short DNxHD encoded files
  • On OSX scroll bars are now always shown in the notes tool
  • Various bug fixes and optimisations

Beta versions

Version macOS Windows Linux (64 bit)