Download cineSync

cineSync, cineSync Pro and cineSync Pro Studio all use the same client. The full set of Pro or Pro Studio features are available to those with an appropriate account. Guests who download cineSync will be able to join all cineSync sessions.

Latest release: cineSync 4.1

Download Version 4.1 for
Linux 64 Download
Windows Download
macOS Download

What’s New?

  • cineSync is now a 64bit application
  • Added ability to play frame sequences
  • Added ability to transfer files via FASPEX
  • Added NIM integration

What’s changed?

  • Quicktime 7 is no longer supported in any form
  • New larger transport controls
  • Media encryption now works with pro accounts
  • Updated ftrack integration in order to streamline the workflow
  • Updated Aspera integration to use their latest libraries
  • Fixed issues connecting to some SFTP servers
  • Fixed issue with PDF renderer which could cause some PDF’s to appear slightly blurred
  • Updated offline licensing to support 64 bit architecture
  • Various bug fixes and optimisations

Beta versions

Version macOS Windows Linux (64 bit)
4.1.1_beta6 Download Download N/A