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Realtime Sync

cineSync is the only review and approval tool that lets you watch high resolution, high frame rate video in sync with anyone in the world and guarantee that you’re seeing the same frame of the same video at the same time.

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Perfect playback - where screen sharing and streaming fail

cineSync can play high resolution, high frame rate video perfectly, regardless of available bandwidth. No more suffering through stuttering video and delayed playback, cineSync just works.


It’s just such a useful and intuitive tool: it’s so easy to set up sessions – you just set up and off you go. cineSync really does make remote production a viable proposition

Jamie and Lindsay Hallett

VFX Supervisor and VFX Producer, capital T Maui

Utilising cineSync meant that the collaboration was totally seamless – it kept us on target

Jim Gibbs

VFX Supervisor, Atomic Fiction

I’ve been using cineSync as a tool for many years now, but it was really this movie when I said ‘I really can’t picture getting this movie done on time without it!

Jake Braver

VFX Supervisor, The Fault in our Stars

cineSync was completely intertwined in our day-to-day workflow. It was a brilliant overall tool and made my life much simpler.

Gavin Round

VFX Production Supervisor, King Arthur: Legend of the Sword

Having cineSync Pro and Frankie is a real one-two punch for reviewing material. We love cineSync Pro, which is robust, secure and is the industry standard for reviewing film work. Frankie is the de facto solution when we organize a last-minute session with people out of the office

Jordan Soles

CTO, Rodeo FX

cineSync provides the instant, real-time communication, then the resulting notes provide the security in knowing that everyone is on the same page. That’s incredibly important.

Eric Durst

VFX Supervisor, Gods of Egypt, Snowpiercer

It’s a very efficient way of working — in fact, for me it’s far more efficient than being in the same city. It’s all focused communication on exactly that show you’re working on and what’s in frame, and there’s no time wasted driving across town. It’s right there.

Christopher Nolan

The Dark Knight, Inception, Interstellar

cineSync makes it all possible. I can’t imagine how we would do it without that bit of software.

Kelvin McIlwain

VFX Production Supervisor, The Fate of the Furious

I'm constantly working remotely with cineSync! It's so much in the DNA of an AAA film production that it's almost impossible to imagine a work day that doesn't involve it.

Jake Morrison

VFX Supervisor, Thor: Ragnarok, Ant-Man

cineSync allows us to draw on the screen and work remotely with companies in Germany, England, LA, Canada and New Zealand.

Chris Townsend

VFX Supervisor, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2



cineSync Pro closely integrates with our own ftrack Studio, as well as with a number of other production tracking tools, including Shotgrid and NIM, while files can be transferred via an integrated sFTP client.

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  • cineSync

    Standard includes
    all these great features:

    • Remote video review and approval
    • Synchronised and interactive
    • OSX, Windows and Linux
    • Drawing and annotation tools
    • Export notes as PDF
    See Pricing
  • cineSync Pro

    Pro includes
    all Standard features, plus:

    • Integration with ftrack, Shotgrid and NIM
    • Python API for integration with other tools
    • Stereo / 3D support
    • Synchronised colour tools
    • Zoom, masking and aspect ratio tools
    • 3D LUT support
    • Multiple simultaneous sessions per account
    See Pricing

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