• Secure and Synchronised Review for Film, TV and VFX

    The Academy Award®-winning cineSync is the world’s most trusted remote review and approval system. Used by film and television productions worldwide, cineSync guarantees that everyone sees exactly the same frame at the same time.

    cineSync integrates with industry-leading tools such as Shotgun, ftrack and Aspera, ensuring a fast, synchronised and streamlined remote collaboration experience.

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  • Real-time Video Review

    The world’s best browser-based solution for interactive review of stills and video. Used by creative studios involved in advertising, music videos and other short form productions to review work in progress. Reviews are saved in a PDF that contains all notes, drawings and saved frames.

    Frankie solves the problems of endless email chains, incompatible formats and missing attachments. Any video sent for approval will play first time, every time.

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I'm constantly working remotely with cineSync! It's so much in the DNA of an AAA film production that it's almost impossible to imagine a work day that doesn't involve it.

Jake Morrison

VFX Supervisor, Thor: Ragnarok, Ant-Man

It’s a very efficient way of working — in fact, for me it’s far more efficient than being in the same city. It’s all focused communication on exactly that show you’re working on and what’s in frame, and there’s no time wasted driving across town. It’s right there.

Christopher Nolan

The Dark Knight, Inception, Interstellar

cineSync provides the instant, real-time communication, then the resulting notes provide the security in knowing that everyone is on the same page. That’s incredibly important.

Eric Durst

VFX Supervisor, Gods of Egypt, Snowpiercer

The Edmonton Oilers is a big team with a big fanbase, and that means we have a great deal of creative to produce and release. While many remote approval tools can be frustratingly complex, Frankie is incredibly easy to use – the learning curve is practically non-existent.

Edmonton Oilers

National Hockey League

Having cineSync Pro and Frankie is a real one-two punch for reviewing material. We love cineSync Pro, which is robust, secure and is the industry standard for reviewing film work. Frankie is the de facto solution when we organize a last-minute session with people out of the office

Jordan Soles

CTO, Rodeo FX

I’ve been using cineSync as a tool for many years now, but it was really this movie when I said ‘I really can’t picture getting this movie done on time without it!

Jake Braver

VFX Supervisor, The Fault in our Stars

Frankie allows us to work in total confidence, with anyone, anywhere around the world

Digby Hogan

Partner, The Empire Post

Frankie has changed the game of how we share material with clients and get their feedback. This kind of remote, collaborative review tool is totally new for our clients, but once they see the simplicity and power of Frankie, they love it!

Bob George

Owner, Drive Thru

Utilising cineSync meant that the collaboration was totally seamless – it kept us on target

Jim Gibbs

VFX Supervisor, Atomic Fiction

It’s just such a useful and intuitive tool: it’s so easy to set up sessions – you just set up and off you go. cineSync really does make remote production a viable proposition

Jamie and Lindsay Hallett

VFX Supervisor and VFX Producer, capital T Maui